Wednesday, 13 August 2008

We want you

Bambuser was founded in 2007 by students from Turku and Malmö. Now, a year later, we are providing a world leading service for user-generated live video from cell-phones. In short; what you see on your cell-phone screen, is what everyone also can watch a second later on the Internet. Several major business, media and internet observers mentioned us as this year's rising star on the internet sky. Major phone manufacturers, operators and media companies have already looked closely at us. In the summer, we received seed funding from a Norwegian investor, providing us with the resources to make bambuser even better! Therefore, we´re now seeking skilled colleagues.

Currently, we are 5 people around 25 years, with a burning passion for Bambuser! We are now looking to grow the organization with another 5-6 skilled fellows Our development office is based in Turku and our head office is located in Stockholm.

We are looking for people who want to be a part of a great journey. Send us some code that you are proud of and a resumé of what you have done in the past.

We are looking for you who are good at C, C++ and possibly Objective C and is an experienced Linux user. Previous experience of mobile platforms such as Symbian and Windows Mobile, as well as video handling is plus.

We are also looking for someone who loves to program in Actionscript and also has an eye for design. Experience with Adobe Air, Flash Lite and Flash Video is plus.

Furthermore we are looking for those who are focused on optimization and operation of database, Web and video servers in a Linux environment. Experience with MySQL replication, load balancing, and an understanding of PHP, Python and SQL is a plus. Interestingly also, if you´ve used the services GAE and AWS.