Monday, 4 November 2013

The next generation of live video broadcasting

What if you could bring exclusive and validated UGC video to air within minutes of news breaking?

Bambuser, the mobile live video broadcasting company, will be attending News Xchange 2013.

Over the past two years, Bambuser has built an international reputation as a leading provider of user generated live video news. Renowned for pioneering mobile live video broadcasting, Bambuser is used by professionals and citizen journalists all over the world to share breaking news, as they unfold.

The next generation of live video broadcasting - a News Xchange workshop

On November 13th at 4 PM, Bambuser sales consultant Markus Ickstadt, co-founder/CEO Jonas Vig and executive chairman Hans Eriksson will host a workshop to introduce a disruptive new way of engaging and leveraging audiences to gather exclusive user generated content in real-time.

Learn from AP's Global Video Vice President Sandy MacIntyre how the agency has incorporated Bambuser's tools and its community to bring fully verified breaking news in real time to hundreds of broadcast newsrooms from the world's trouble spots.

Make sure to not miss out on this opportunity to learn more about how to quickly, easily and cost-efficiently integrate Bambuser's signature live video broadcasting capabilities in your mobile apps and instantly start eliciting exclusive live video news from your audience as well as your own journalists.

We would also be delighted to meet you in a more personal meeting to discuss your needs and the services we offer. If you are interested, please schedule a meeting, and we will contact you the days before News Xchange to suggest a place to meet.

Contact us at to learn more or schedule a meeting.

Jonas Vig
Hans Eriksson
Executive Chairman
Markus Ickstadt
Sales Consultant