Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Associated press invests in Bambuser

We are excited and proud to announce that the Associated Press (AP) has made an investment in Bambuser. The investment follows a successful partnership over the past 3 years. Through the investment, AP will become a minority shareholder in Bambuser, bringing an unparalleled knowledge and experience to our Company.

What this means for you as a user:

The investment from AP will not affect You as a user in any notable way. We will continue to offer the free Bambuser service for personal use and charity organizations. The investment also means that we will be able grow the program of providing free Premium accounts to citizen journalists across the globe. Our terms of use remain the same and you still retain all copyright. The AP will not gain any ownership or copyright of any content, nor will they control the distribution of it. Since April 2012 we give you as a user the option to opt-in to share your newsworthy content with news outlets such as the AP. Sharing content with AP is completely optional and not enabled by default. You can opt-in to share your broadcasts with AP by following the instructions in the "Share the news"-section of your settings page after you've registered an account on Bambuser. This has proven very successful and we've helped many of our users to reach hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe with important eyewitness news.

What this means for Bambuser:

For us in the Bambuser team, the investment from AP is a fantastic stamp of approval that the resources and immense number of working hours we've invested so far has positioned us in the forefront of a changing media landscape. It also provides us with access to unparalleled expertise and distribution when it comes to rolling out our coming technology products to Media companies globally. If you have any questions or thoughts, please don't be a stranger, send an email to support@bambuser.com.

Cheers, Jonas - Bambuser CEO.