Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bambuser Competition: #LFW11 Winner

Thanks for your participation in the Bambuser Fashion Competition! We had a great turnout, enjoying some really inspiring broadcasts. We also learned some nice stylish tips & we will all be a little more fashionable because of it.

Some of the highlights were learning about why 50's fashion inspires LauraLou! We witnessed everything from cutting edge trends at London Fashion Week catwalk shows and were introduced to a few upcoming designers, such as Natti working with some stunning pieces on her mannequin.

The choice was hard but the two most compelling broadcasts that also generated the most enthusiasm from the Bambuser Crew came from If You Please and FarhanaB.

We loved watching the FarhanaB broadcast as her and her friend rummaged through their clothes and took us on a trendy journey of her fashionable flat. We got to see her rack of edgy finds and learn about both her and her friends glamorous outfits! For this reason, we are proud to announce FarhanaB as our second place winner.

Which means, If You Please is our lucky winner!! We were truly inspired by the broadcast documenting the up and coming London designer in her studio as she gave us a run through of her latest line. Spicy to say the least! Check out their work at:

Unfortunately, we regret to announce that If You Please is unable to make it to London Fashion Weekend so we are sending one lucky third place winner, LauraLou to document the events!

Congratulations again to If You Please and FarhanaB for winning the Platinum and Gold tickets to London Fashion Weekend! Thanks again to all the participants. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bambuser Blocked in Bahrain

We can confirm that the Bambuser service is currently being blocked in Bahrain, as the local government seeks to crack down on political protests throughout the country. We are monitoring the situation closely, and have received several reports from users on twitter indicating widespread 3G slowdown throughout Bahrain.

One Bambuser user that has come to our attention is Nabeel Rajab, the head of the Bahrain Human Rights Society. Nabeel has been utilizing Bambuser and his website to draw attention to human rights abuses in Bahrain. Today, we learned on twitter that, like many of our users throughout Bahrain, he is no longer able to access or remotely upload footage from the country to his account. You can view Nabeel’s previously captured video footage on Bambuser at: and follow his twitter @Nabeelrajab.

To follow the latest commentary and news from Bahrain, visit our friends at Global Voices Online

Also for people within Bahrain, we recommend you utilize the Tor Project which protects your privacy and which we hope will give you full access to all of the available content on Bambuser.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Information on blocked users in Bahrain

We have been informed that some Bambuser accounts are being censored within Bahrain, as the local government seeks to control the news in the face of demonstrations by protestors in the country. This attempt to disrupt internet communications seems to mirror what we witnessed in Egypt a few weeks back.

One particular user that has been censored is Alaali. You can watch Alaali's Bambuser channel and follow Alaali's latest twitter updates. Here's what's meeting him when trying to view the channel in Bahrain:

People are still able to broadcast to Bambuser.

We are following the situation in Bahrain closely, and will update this blog post as soon as we see any changes in the blocking of Bambuser in Bahrain. We strongly condemn any government attempts to silence democratic movements.

To follow the latest commentary on breaking middle east news, visit our friends at

Also for people within Bahrain we recommend you trying out the Tor Project which protects your privacy and which we hope give you full access to all content on Bambuser. Please let us know if it works.

Here is a broadcast on the situation just a while ago

Friday, 4 February 2011

London Fashion Competition

Celebrate the Fashion Season and win!

The Fashion season has kicked-off and we invite you to reveal the latest highlights of the season and win some amazing prizes. We have teamed up with This Little Lady Went to London to run this competition as they are always on the cusp of the hottest events in London.

How to enter?

Simply use your phone or webcam and showcase the world of fashion on Bambuser. Make broadcasts about this season’s fashion trends, your top fashion tips, your favorite outfit, backstage of a catwalk, your favorite fashion shop, spot a fashionista on the street and more.

Don't forget to add: #LFW11 to your video title

The video generating the most views and the most appreciation from the Bambuser Crew will win!

Grand Prize:

London Fashion Weekend Tickets!
- Front row catwalk seats
- Chambord Royale cocktail on arrival, canapé reception and complimentary drinks
- Stylist sessions
- VIP Edition of the Show Bag

Follow us on Twitter/Facebook for updates, tips and tricks to increase your chance to win, and don't forget to check out our webpage: for competition details.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Egypt page: Taking citizen journalism one step further

As Egypt comes alive online, we are pleased to introduce of a new page on the site. Dedicated solely to protests across the globe, it will give the voice back to the people, allowing them to share their stories with the rest of the world, without prejudice or agenda, part of the beauty of live streaming. Importantly, it also supplies a social platform that grants the rest of the world the opportunity to exhibit their support. By simply using the hashtag #egypt, supporting videos will appear on the protest landing page, and ensure the voice of the Egyptian protesters and their supporters isn't lost despite internet crackdowns.

We decided to create the page following the banning of our service in Egypt last week. We saw a number of videos appear on Bambuser of people demonstrating in their honour from a number of places outside the country, and we wanted to showcase our support for freedom of speech and peaceful protest, even with the service blocked.

The new page is the latest step in our continued mission to allow users to share what is important to them, as it happens, with followers around the globe. We will not waver in our mission to allow people to share what matters most to them, and to broadcast momentous events as they happen.

You can access the page at