Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Facebook Developer Garage London

Jonas, Tom and Hans just got back from a couple of great days in London where we were invited to join the Facebook Developer Garage in a hackathon and the following Facebook-bonanza featuring Mark Zuckerberg. The hackathon was great and sported lots of ideas, appreciated advice and support from Facebook executives. We did some Facebook related product development ourselves and we hope to be able to share the results with you in the near future. Lots of amazing and talented people gathered during the two days and the atmosphere was truly inspiring. It was of course a pleasure to chat with Mark, Ethan, Mike and the other guys from the Facebook team and we thank Christian Hernandez for inviting us!

So look out for the latest Facebook features, soon in a Bambuser-app close to you.

Here's a pic from the Monday socializing. Mark from FB, Leif from RIM, Tom & Hans from Bambuser :-)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

4G world premiere

Back in january when TeliaSonera released their 4G network they broadcast the press conference over Bambuser using 4G. This was a world premiere. Now this summer the commercial launch of 4G networks is happening in Sweden. To promote the release TeliaSonera is using Bambuser all over the country to stream live events to the public. We just want to give you a short preview of what the future of broadcasting can look like when broadcasting Live HD video. Here a computer, a HD camera and a 4G dongle is used, all nicely packed up in a back pack. We cannot wait until mobile phones can take full advantage of all this mobile bandwidth.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Go 1000 km in a 4 km/h excavator

Jukka Mutanen from Finland put up a Facebook group where he promised that if the group gathered more than 50000 fans he would take his mini excavator and drive 1000 kilometers through Finland - from Hangö to Kuusamo. Pretty insane idea if you ask me.

When you realize that the mini excavator makes only 4 km/h things get even crazier. 4 km/h is about the speed your grandmother walks. Accordingly, Jukka has to spend some 250 hours in the mini excavator to reach his goal. To please the massive crowd of 83000 Facebook fans and quite a lot of non-Facebook-fans as well, Jukka placed a live streaming web cam and a GPS inside his vehicle and is now broadcasting his extravagant journey live on Bambuser as well as on Facebook. Fans and followers can tune in and watch his exact position and a lot of people have gathered along the road to get a glance of the pretty odd carriage.  

We think this is an awesome and extremely fun way to use Bambuser. As of today he's had almost half a million views on his channel!

Monday, 7 June 2010

TV4 Live from Stockholm Marathon (this was national TV)

This Saturday the yearly Stockholm Marathon took place. From Bambuser's perspective it was a great event for two reasons. Our CXO Jonas Vig made it around the full 42km and you can follow his run. Our friends at TV4 were also running around with their phones broadcasting live while sweating and grasping for air. A great and impressive way to see the usage of our bambuser specific SDI server together with traditional broadcasting. Watch the broadcast

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Great success for NRK

As we previously told you NRK has been covering the behind the scene action from the Eurovision song contest with Bambuser, and the result has been overwhelming. Quarter of a million viewers have watched all the action not available usually, including the first live interview with the Spanish contender right after the Jimmy Jump incident.