Monday, 23 February 2009

Bambuser proudly present to you; Lowest latency with excellent on demand quality!

After countless hours of planning and hard work we're now proud to release a widely improved version of our application for Symbian S60 and UIQ.

Our main vision is, and has always been, to provide you all with the possibility to stream live broadcasts with the lowest latency possible. This focus is based on a strong belief that the major innovation of live video broadcasting is the ability to interact. Once you get too much latency that possibility is lost.

In order to keep you as close to real-time as possible we drop a few frames here and there which often still allows you to get a good video - even in poor conditions. However, in areas with very poor network or when loosing the connection every now and then, this has compromised the flow and quality of the on-demand video.

The new beauty; We now store any dropped frame or audio that can't get through while you're live and give you the option to complete your video with this data immediately after your live broadcast. This allows us to keep latency at an absolute minimum while also providing you with a perfect video when watching on demand!

Wonderful isn't it? If you have installed your existing client after 081021 ( version 1.02(2) or later) it will automatically remind you to download the latest version sometime soon. Still have an older version? Hey! What you're waiting for... go to and get it now! We'd love to hear what you think, try it out and send us your feedback at


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bambuser in Barcelona

Me and Jonas will off course spend the week in Barcelona. We will mainly be in the swedish trade council booth. Feel free to contact us in anyway (Måns on +46734404220 or Jonas on +46735067657), or follow us on or

Friday, 13 February 2009

Spectrial, The Pirate Bay trial - Live on Bambuser

Monday 16th of February will be a hectic day in Stockholm, Sweden. This will be the first day of a trial that by many is assumed to be a never ending story. It's a waggish-raggish case that will be followed by supporters of both sides all over the world.

Our friends over at TPB are convinced to make this a spectacular event, hence we are not to expect the average drowzy shoplifter trial.

Although me and Måns will be in Barcelona for MWC, Bambuser will of course send a team to cover the whole thing, baptized by TPB to "The Spectrial"

We will be broadcasting live as much as possible during as many days as we can, to provide you with the best information possible. But we also want you to participate in the discussion by speaking your mind live to the streets of Stockholm regardless of where in the world you are.

Sign up for a free account on Bambuser and fire up a live stream from your mobile phone or webcam. Share your opinion and interact with others. Remember to tag all your broadcasts with "TPB". As many streams as possible will be projected onto a wall of a building opposite to the Court House accompanied by the audio from our PA-system. Share your opinions - it matters.

Official site for the Spectrial;
Bambuser channel; Spectrial

p.s Of course everyone should feel free to KOPIMI(copy the live broadcast) by embedding the broadcast player on your site or blog d.s

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

TV4 use Bambuser to do Live broadcasting in fullscreen on national TV!

This evening Swedish TV4 went all the way when they used Bambuser as a part of their Live talk show "Kvällsöppet" on national TV! Our service was used to provide a live feed from the home of blogger Marcus Birro who couldn't be there in person but took part in the discussion from a distance. The Bambuser stream was broadcasted live in fullscreen as well as on a studio monitor. We're truly excited about this and give mad props to TV4!

(At the end of the clip: note the big screen monitor to the left as well...)

Late last year TV4 used Bambuser to broadcast live from The Grande Finale of Swedish Idol2009.

Slowly we are seeing a fantastic merge of how the traditional and new broadcasting technologies can come together.

Way to go TV4!


Monday, 9 February 2009

Bambuser down at the moment

We are experiencing some troubles with our servers, but we are working on it and we are hopefully back up soon enough. More info will follow when we know some more.

Update 8:17 pm CET
We are now back up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Friday, 6 February 2009

The Road to Eurovision

TT Spektra (a part of the the largest news agency in Sweden - teams up with us in order to provide live coverage of one of the largest events in Sweden this year "Melodifestivalen 2009". Over the coming 4 weeks two of their mobile journalists will use Bambuser to broadcast live shows and interviews with artists and celebrities. 17 Swedish newspapers will use the format for their special Melodifestivalen-sites.

- Bambuser is a great tool for live-broadcasting from the field. Through the live-chat that is integrated in the player viewers can interact with our journalists, hence influence the outcome of the production, says Niklas Larson, VP Digital Media TT-Spektra

Of course we're really excited to see what they will come up with and we suggest you bring out the pop-corn and soda and tune in to watch.

May the Winner take it all!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Swedish national television about bambuser

Yesterday Swedish public service SVT made a longer interview with Chris Anderson and his ideas about his upcoming book "Free" in that spot Bambuser was featured as the swedish hope on the evolutionary media horizon. You can have a look at it here.

Bambuser and Chris Anderson

Yesterday Chris Anderson was in Malmö presenting his observations on charging nothing. Of course his presentation was broadcasted live on bambuser and our own Måns Adler was up in the panel asking questions on the topic together with Jonathan Forster from Spotify and many more interesting people from the swedish media scene.