Thursday, 19 March 2009

Support for FME and updated browser based broadcaster

This morning we rolled out a couple of nice additions to the Bambuser toolbox that should come in handy next time you broadcast from your computer.

We now allow everyone to use the Windows XP / Vista based desktop application "Flash Media Live Encoder" from Adobe, a tool dedicated to high quality live streaming with H.264 and VP6 codecs. Hook up your webcam or DV camera and shine! See the guide for details on how to get started.

Also new is a vastly overhauled browser based broadcaster. Next time you do casual webcam broadcasting you will have a much more user friendly interface to guide you. Look for the "Go live with your cam" button in your dashboard as usual. Kudos to Jasper who pulled this one off!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The dirty story of the iPhone app

A long time ago, we locked the door to our dev. dungeon in a dark cellar in the outskirts of Stockholm. The guy in the dungeon was left with only a handful of things; a computer, the internets, some vegetarian Swedish meatballs and an iPhone. The rules were as simple as clear;

- No sunlight until the iPhone app is released!

Leo was in charge of the whole thing. Many days later and after some assistance from Martin, Leo crawled out of the dungeon triumphing with an iPhone app installed on his phone.

- Nobody puts baby in a corner, he said and raised his hand towards the sky. We didn't actually had a clue what he meant but we were all damn happy to be able to stream live video from our iPhones!

So Ladies and Gentlemen without much further ado; The First version of the Bambuser iPhone app is yours to download via Cydia (requires a jailbreaked phone...) follow the steps here This version include chat functionality, GPS-support and works best over WiFi. Soon to come: Ability to upload dropped frames to always get a complete video, various video settings and other UI components. Oh, and yeah... prettier UI.

Have the time of your life!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Winner of the "Nöjesguiden" Media award

Last week bambuser took home yet another award. Someone said: "you will never be prophet in your own country". So for us to take home the only really prestigoues award in Malmö (mine and jonas hometown) was a great success on a personal level.

The jury´s verdict
An invention that makes life easier and turns us all into mediaproducers; Tehcnology at its best.