Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Let Bambuser do the work for you

One of our missions is to provide the best live video app for mobile phones, and we are confident that we are already doing so. We are not only supporting over 360 different models and providing the lowest latency on the market, we also have another feature that is unique: Uploading unsent complement data after a broadcast in done.

When letting this technology do its job, you're improving all future on-demand viewing of your broadcast, making your memories and documentations as clear and crisp as possible. If you're notified that you have unsent complement data in your app, please upload it and let Bambuser do the work for you, it's definitely worth it!

If you are new to uploading unsent complement data, let us explain: If your connection to the internet is weak when you broadcast live, pieces of the broadcast which can't be sent immediately are stored on your phone, keeping your latency low. When uploading this data afterwards, our servers get to business and merge all the pieces to complete your archived broadcast, giving on-demand viewers a smoother experience regardless of how slow your connection was during the live broadcast.

You can also read more about stream health and unsent complement data at our help page.

Friday, 24 February 2012

World record attempt

Markku Saarinen from Finland is an ultra-athlete specialized in extremely long and consecutive performances. Starting today he is attempting to set an unofficial world record for consecutive biking during the time of 100 hours. The whole attempt will be broadcast LIVE via Bambuser.

Markku is allowing himself bathroom breaks and two to three hours of sleep during these 100 hours. The stunt is a part of the opening ceremony of Cross Training Center Tampere, Finland. The team at Bambuser wishes him all the best of luck.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We mourn the loss of a very brave Syrian journalist

This morning LIVE footage by a citizen journalist, Rami Ahmad Alsayeed - one of the persons behind the channel Syriapioneer on Bambuser, was aired all over the world by BBC World, SkyNews, Al Jazeera and many more. All showed live footage from the roof where Rami and his friends had their camera, documenting the heavy shelling from the Assad Forces hovering over BabaAmr in Homs, Syria. Rami Ahmad Alsayeed has for months been one of the bravest and forefront fighters in getting the world's attention on what's going on in Homs, Syria. In the afternoon, cameraman and journalist Rami Ahmad Alsayeed did his last broadcast – he and three of his friends were soon after this killed by the Assad armed forces on the streets of BabaAmr.

UPDATE: Rami was accompanying three persons to a civil hospital. The car was the target of a mortar and the other three persons were killed right away. Rami was badly injured and died from the wounds later in the hospital.

Rami Ahmad Alsayeed, born 1985, father of a little girl aged a year and a half called Marym, was killed during the shelling over Homs this afternoon. His last message for his friends was (spellchecked and with clarifications inserted):

Babaamr is facing a genocide right now. I will never forgive you for your silence. You all have just give us your words but we need actions. However our hearts will always be with those who risk their life for our freedom. I know what we need! We need campaigns everywhere inside Syria and outside Syria, and now we need all people in front of all embassies all over the world. In a few hours there will be NO place called BabaAmr and I expect this will be my last message and no one will forgive you who talked but didn't act.

A family has lost a husband and father, the world has lost a very brave man fighting for democracy in Syria and an opportunity to get LIVE footage from inside Homs, Syria showing the brutality, killing and terror exercised by dictator Assad and his armed forces.

This is a last video of martyr Rami Ahmad Alsayeed. WARNING: Strong footage!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bambuser now blocked in Syria

Yesterday morning Bambuser was blocked in Syria. The Syrian government has chosen to deny citizens in Syria access to as well as use of Bambuser's mobile apps over Syrian 3G.

Over the past weeks the number of Bambuser broadcasts from Syria has increased, with strong footage showing bombings, victims, destruction and terrible conditions at local field hospitals in Syria.

Two days ago an oil pipeline in Homs was destroyed. A citizen in Homs who has been broadcasting bombings over several days broadcast the black smoke that developed from the explosion, with the sound of gunfire and shelling of Homs accompanying the footage The live footage was used by major TV media like CNN, BBC, AlJazeera, SkyNews and many more, with credentials to Bambuser. The impact of those videos very likely came to the Syrian government's knowledge.


We believe this footage was the trigger for the Syrian government to block access to and disable the possibility to broadcast live video with mobile phones on Syrian 3G.

This is not the first time Bambuser is blocked by a dictatorship. Bambuser was blocked in Egypt for a week in January 2011 and is also blocked by Bahrain's government since 6 months. The feedback we get from our friends in Syria and all over the world is fantastic. Not only have we helped them get their message out, but they also say it means much in terms of morale for everyone in this situation. They know the world is watching, sharing and it gives them hope. No matter where in the world there is unrest, we at Bambuser always do our best to support and help observers.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Let the world know

Bambuser is to some extent about citizen journalism, free speech and democracy. It all started over a year ago with the uprising in Egypt, followed by the Arab spring movement through the Middle East to Russia, and the Occupy movement in the US and Europe. During the last year people have utilized Bambuser to broadcast real-time information from these events to the world. What takes place in Syria now is no exception.

Footage by © 2012 BABA AMR REV EYE

As with all protests in the world where people are using Bambuser, we're trying to non-profit support as much as we can. We're often asked to help observers distribute their content to media and as many people as possible.

We have daily contact with Syrian observers who try to document the terrible things that are going on in the country. They have in an impressive way set up cells that teach broadcasting and organize live footage coming from Syria. We've been in contact with them for more than 8 months to support them with our knowledge. Massive amounts of broadcasts have been produced since the protests started but few have been paid much attention.

Over the past couple of weeks our work with Syria has intensified as the Assad forces have stepped up the attacks against the protesters. The number of videos coming out is increasing and what is good is that media and people in general have begun to understand the brutality. Our close relation with the Syrian observers has resulted in both Associated Press and Thomson Reuters distributing Bambuser live videos from Syria to media companies all over the world on a daily basis. The material has been seen on major news channels like BBC, AlJazeera, Sky News etc. We have no idea how many people that have been watching, but it is a substantial number. ©

The feedback we get from our friends in Syria is fantastic. Not only have we helped them get their message out, but they also say it means much in terms of morale for everyone in this situation. They know the world is watching, sharing and it gives them hope.

No matter where in the world it happens we will always do our best to support and help. We're a small company with very limited resources but we see this as the foundation on which the rest of Bambuser is and will be built.

For updates on LIVE news please follow Bambuser_Alert on Twitter - Share the world.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rolling out a refreshed video page and player

Exciting times, as we continue our design refresh with a big update to our video pages. With the new look we want to bring greater focus to the video area, increase the contrast between the video and its immediate surroundings. In the process, we're rolling out an updated Flash video player. We believe that the resulting viewing experience is much better overall and definitely looks nicer.

The new video page with its reorganized player and chat brings better support for widescreen (16:9) video, as the layout is automatically adjusted. We've also gathered all sharing-features in a single menu underneath the player.

Links to interesting times

A neat feature that we also rolled out is sharing of video links with timestamps – great if you want to point your friends to a specific part of a longer broadcast.

You can quickly create time-links through the share menu on a broadcast's page or by right clicking in the Flash video player and choosing "Copy broadcast URL for current time".

If you manually want to make a link to 1 minute and 9 seconds into the video, you can take the normal link and add #t=1min9s to make a link like

To make your life even easier, the chat also includes new time links. When you watch an on-demand video and follow a replay of the chat, you may click on the time of any chat message to seek directly to that time in the video.

Improved follow system

Added to each broadcast page and embedded video player is the option to let all viewers follow (subscribe to) the broadcaster. It's even possible to follow a broadcaster without signing up, which is great for broadcasters who have an audience where not everybody is on Bambuser.

We hope you enjoy these updates and please feel free to give us feedback. This is just the beginning, we have more great features coming!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The cubs are born

During the last month, thousands of inquisitive nature lovers have gotten a bird's eye view of the hibernating brown bear Freja LIVE from her den. Brown bears are incredibly shy and secretive animals one rarely get to spot in the wild. A week ago Freja gave birth to four tiny cubs and yesterday they were spotted for the first time.

The newborn helpless cubs each weigh around 400 grams and spend their days snuggled up next to their protective mother who has wrapped herself around them to protect and keep them warm. Like newborn human babies, the cubs spend the time sleeping, feeding, and screaming. In a couple of weeks they will be bigger and will be crawling around - make sure to tune in to the bear den.

The campaign initiated by Volkswagen Sweden and creative agency DDB is a great example of how to utilize Bambuser's live video to boost engagement by reaching out with something unique at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting. The bear cam will be LIVE 24/7 until the day Freja and her cubs leave the bear den.