Thursday, 24 July 2008

Press Conference: Kistefos Venture Capital invests in Bambuser

Press Release Malmö July 24

Norwegian Kistefos Venture Capital invest Swedish Bambuser

The Swedish video service Bambuser, which makes it possible for anyone to broadcast live video directly from their mobile phones out to thousands of viewers on the Internet, Norwegian Kistefos Venture Capital is now as a partner.
"Now we are getting the financial means to develop and make Bambuser global," says Bambusers founder and visionary leader Måns Adler. "Bambuser is similar to YouTube, only live, and we already have thousands of users, from the blog sphere for example´s Amanda Congdon and musicians such as Adam Tensta, to major media players like "Svenska Dagbladet", "France24" and MySpace Nordic.

"Bambuser is one of the most exciting projects right now, says new chairman Alex Munch-Thore." Within Kistefos we are studying closely how quickly the media landscape is changing. Bambuser would have been impossible to even imagine about a few years ago and, of course, we want to be a part of and invest in the future of media technology and its business opportunities. "

Måns Adler and Jonas Vig, as two of the founders of Bambuser, was listed by Internetworld already in april as this year's entrepreneurs and highlighted in Swedish business magazine "Veckans Affärer" as next up and rising stars on th swedish entrepreneurial scene. Now, they have taken a further step towards their vision.

"The cell phone is the hub of our lives today, and through our service it will be complete as the communication tool in the social media world. You can not just call, send e-mail, chat, surf with it. Now you can also broadcast video in real-time through your own mobile. Your friends can hold dialogue with you when you send and follow you in your daily life when you want. It may be on his way to an interview to show that you are nervous, when you tips of your girlfriend on his way to Tokyo, prom or as a press conference like today, "said Måns Adler.

Bambuser as a service is also a great asset and a strength for both internal communcation and external communication channel for business.

"It's a benefit to use Bambuser in our work. We have won many cases, thanks to the use of Bambuser as part of our creative suggestions and we have recommended many of our clients to use the service in different contexts," says Brit Stakston, kommunikationskonsult on JMW in Stockholm as early tested the service and who quickly congratulated Bambuser to the new opportunities that this will mean for the company.

The agreement was signed on tuesday and means that Kistefos Venture Capital becomes a partner and simultaneously makes a significant financial injection to the company. Alex Munch-Thore also becomes new chairman of the board. Kistefos invest up to 15 million swedish kronor (2.5 MUSD) on a pre-money valuation at 47.5 MSEK (approx. 8 MUSD)

See the press conference, which was sent at 11.00 today, Thursday at HYPERLINK ""

For more information:
Måns Adler +46734 404 220
Jonas Vig +46735 067 657

Bambuser Crew live from a pedal boat in Malmö, Sweden earlier today.

part 1:

part 2:

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Live Press Conference Tomorrow 11 AM swedish time.

Bambuser press conference tomorrow (24 july) at 11.00 AM Swedish time

Bambuser is holding a press conference due to the Kistefos VC investment.


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Adam Tensta Live from Skansen

Hola Folks!

Tonight Adam Tensta is giving us yet another great live act. This time it is on the famous Skansen scene in Stockholm. Lean back and enjoy

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Friday, 4 July 2008

Adam Tensta all LIVE!

Hola Folks!

The summer is coming to Sweden and the festivals are kicking off!
Super Artist Adam Tensta and his entourage will be broadcasting live from Arvika Festivalen and much more.

Today, friday 4th of July we definitely think you should tune in and be a part of the game on the following hours (and of course inbetween...)

12.00 PM (Swedish time) - Interview with MTV.
01.00 PM (Swedish time) - Eboi telling you like it is.
02.00 PM (Swedish time) - Backstage before the show and a few songs live at Arvika.
03.30 PM (Swedish time) - Interview with Swedish radio station Karlstad Rocks.
05.00 PM (Swedish time) - Hang out time at the campimg area.

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