Friday, 18 December 2009

THANK YOU STEVE! Bambuser for iPhone in the AppStore Now!

We're totally thrilled to announce that the Bambuser app for iPhone is available for everyone to download via the App Store! As I wrote in a previous blog post, the app works on ALL iPhones (even the ones without native video capabilities)naturally though, it works best on the 3GS. Connect it to Facebook, Twitter and much more. Can't really think of anything more to write right now, so just try it out :-) And just have a lot of fun!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bambuser for iPhone submitted to App Store

Last week provided some interesting insights on tha approval criterias over at Apple's (we totally understand them though. No harm ;). So we moved some stuffed around (and oh yeah, the Team worked 24/7...) and we've now submitted a new version of Bambuser for iPhone - Non-jailbreaked that is! We REALLY anticipate this version to be officially approved by Apple. The application will allow you to stream live video from any iPhone, even the ones that don't have video capabilities. Yeah I know, some mad voodoo-stuff from the dev guys ;) Look out for more info sooooon!


Demo of the app, live broadcasted with my HTC Magic

And what it looks like from the iPhone

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

@Manster is @ #leweb09

Just a quick shout out! Our very own evangelist Måns Adler is spending the coming 2 days at LeWeb09 in beautiful Paris( If you want to grab him for a date, just tweet him @manster. Don't be shy...

Friday, 4 December 2009

Bambuser desktop broadcasts go widescreen

it is in Swedish but you get the point...

Yesterday we made a new release of our player that will probably be of interest for our more advanced users. The new player handles non-4:3 aspect ratios correctly when broadcasting from third party applications such as Wirecast and Flash Media Encoder. So now you can broadcast in that good looking wide-screen format from your desktop apps.

(we have been supporting different kinds of widescreen formats earlier but only from mobile phones)