Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bambuser challenge in New York City

In early September we sent executive chairman Hans Eriksson to cruise through London for 24 hours, while broadcasting live throughout the whole adventure. Hans had an excellent experience thanks to everyone who continuously chatted with him, supported him and gave him advice and directions through the Bambuser chat. It was so much fun that we have decided to send the old man out on another adventure. He can consider himself lucky, as this time we have decided to send him to the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple – New York City.

Bambuser Challenge New York City

At 9am EDT (14:00 CET) on Tuesday the 1st of November, Hans will set off from Times Square to discover the hidden treasures of New York City. He will broadcast live for 24 hours and YOU who are watching will be the most important part of making this a great experience for other viewers as well as for Hans. Make sure to tune in to the Bambuser Challenge page on Tuesday to follow Hans as he goes live. You can also follow Hans on Bambuser to get email notifications about his broadcasts.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bambuser + Flattr = True

With the quickly growing popularity of live video streaming, we at Bambuser are now giving all our users a chance to earn both recognition – and money – for their work.

From today, all Bambuser users will have the opportunity to earn money through the integration of the micropayment platform Flattr. Viewers can now flattr content creators by rewarding them with a micro-donation.

This is a real breakthrough for broadcasters as admirers of their work can now financially reward them for the content they create.

Working in a similar way to the Facebook Like button – but with a monetary value – registered Flattr users can support broadcasters simply by clicking on the Flattr button on the Bambuser site.

Broadcasters can get a Flattr button next to their broadcasts by connecting to Flattr through the Bambuser Dashboard. Simply click on Connect and Flattr under Settings to the right to get started.

View the broadcast with Jonas Vig, CEO at Bambuser and Linus Olsson, Co-Founder at Flattr talking about the integration, below or on Bambuser.

We're honored and proud!

This weekend it was fascinating and touching to see all #occupy demonstrations from all over the world being captured with Bambuser. We're honored and proud to have been shown that confidence from protesters all over world.

Equipped with little more than smartphone and access to a 3G or WiFi service, increasing numbers of Bambuser users were broadcasting LIVE to give their cause a digital, global and interactive voice. Altogether, over two thousand live broadcasts from the protests around the globe were viewed by the public.

Hundreds of thousands people also clicked onto the site to watch live broadcasts from a range of locations, including all major European capitals as well as cities in the US and Canada.

For us, these numbers emphasize how Bambuser has become the digital tool of choice to capture and document important moments and situations instantly with a minimum of hardware and at a low or no cost. The uptake of live streaming is spreading incredibly quickly as the public take the opportunity to share developments in their cities in real time.

It's apparent that people across the globe are eager to share what's happening not only on Twitter and Facebook but also through live and interactive broadcasting. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

A sample of the weekend's broadcasts include:
- A person walking past a burnt car in Rome
- Julian Assange talking to the crowd in London (starts approx 30 minutes into the clip)
- Police surrounding London protestors
- Street protests in Toronto, Berlin and Portugal

Monday, 10 October 2011

Updates and public API

We want you to enjoy our product as much as possible. Recently, we have taken small but important steps to improve our service further - this time with focus on apps and integration.

Update for the iOS app

Our iOS app update is now available on the App Store and includes improvements for iOS5. This update also adds support for sharing broadcasts via e-mail.

Additionally, we have added a notification badge to remind you of any unsent data. Uploading unsent complement data will improve the quality of your stored broadcasts, especially if there were connection problems during a live broadcast.

App for Nokia N9

We are happy to announce that we, already at the launch of the Nokia N9, can offer a brand new Bambuser app for it. The app is available now on the Ovi store and produces great video quality and frame rate on the N9, even surpassing the quality of the predecessor N900.

Premium solutions

If you need a player free from advertisements, with the opportunity to include your own ads and messaging, or if you want to access extended statistics about your viewers and broadcasts or need to customize your player, check out our Premium solutions - starting at 99 € per month.

Public API for developers

We recently made our APIs more accessible. We can now offer public documentation and easy registration for all developers that want to include parts of the Bambuser experience. Do you have a great idea on how to integrate Bambuser in your service? You can find all you need at