Friday, 28 December 2007

Bambuser server update

Tonight the back-end system got a upgrade as well.

This can bring some trouble during the night to get your streams running properly, but bare with us cause this is some of the features it will result in.

- The server is now running on port 80, which should make it available for all of you with tragic firewalls. This is especially a request from Jonas who has been missing out on all the live material at his office at Dell. So big corp. users congrats.

- All the old material that was recorded through our java-player has now been updated and are now possible to be enjoyed in the same matter as all other flash videos :)

- There is a lot more engineering stuff under neath, but that is not for us deadly to bother about :)

So a standing ovation for Tom, and thank the weather gods for bringing some rain over the Swedish mountains, and lets hope it will be in the form of snow tomorrow so he gets some of his skiing done, and some great live material from the pist.