Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bo Hedin editor in chief for one of swedens largest newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" have this to say about Bambuser.

Ugly-TV and Fine-TV

Yesterday broadcasted real-time Internet television - only using a mobile phone. By a (relatively) ordinary mobile phone (Nokia N95) we described the dramatic scenery when Svea Hovrätt (the swedish court) delivered the judges in the so-called "Kungsholmenfallet". See the TV broadcast post here.

No, the quality is not the best. It jumps and stutters a lot. But the real, documentary value of this type of Internet television is great, we feel. It opens up entirely new possibilities for us - who do not own a traditional television channel - to show real-time video news tips, it is extremely fast, it's cheap and easy.

The system we use is called Bambuser, and is a newly developed technology that gives anyone - yes, anyone! -- Opportunity to make their own television broadcast. Learn what's Development Group writes about Bambuser in their own developing blog and on yesterday's live coverage.

It is "ugly-TV" at its best.'s developing editor Ola Henriksson puts down the microphone and mobile in his pocket and bicycles to the court of appeal on Riddarholmen. He passes through SVT's and TV4's large broadcasting buses and follow the reporter Erik Sidenbladh when Erik tearing the attention of the judges and throws himself over the lawyers to get feedback.

Link to original full version blogpost (in Swedish)