Friday, 4 July 2008

Adam Tensta all LIVE!

Hola Folks!

The summer is coming to Sweden and the festivals are kicking off!
Super Artist Adam Tensta and his entourage will be broadcasting live from Arvika Festivalen and much more.

Today, friday 4th of July we definitely think you should tune in and be a part of the game on the following hours (and of course inbetween...)

12.00 PM (Swedish time) - Interview with MTV.
01.00 PM (Swedish time) - Eboi telling you like it is.
02.00 PM (Swedish time) - Backstage before the show and a few songs live at Arvika.
03.30 PM (Swedish time) - Interview with Swedish radio station Karlstad Rocks.
05.00 PM (Swedish time) - Hang out time at the campimg area.

Check it out - on bambuser - on