Thursday, 12 March 2009

The dirty story of the iPhone app

A long time ago, we locked the door to our dev. dungeon in a dark cellar in the outskirts of Stockholm. The guy in the dungeon was left with only a handful of things; a computer, the internets, some vegetarian Swedish meatballs and an iPhone. The rules were as simple as clear;

- No sunlight until the iPhone app is released!

Leo was in charge of the whole thing. Many days later and after some assistance from Martin, Leo crawled out of the dungeon triumphing with an iPhone app installed on his phone.

- Nobody puts baby in a corner, he said and raised his hand towards the sky. We didn't actually had a clue what he meant but we were all damn happy to be able to stream live video from our iPhones!

So Ladies and Gentlemen without much further ado; The First version of the Bambuser iPhone app is yours to download via Cydia (requires a jailbreaked phone...) follow the steps here This version include chat functionality, GPS-support and works best over WiFi. Soon to come: Ability to upload dropped frames to always get a complete video, various video settings and other UI components. Oh, and yeah... prettier UI.

Have the time of your life!