Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New version for Windows Mobile

Here at Bambuser we do not discriminate against anyone. Not even against people using Microsoft-based products. To prove this, we are now launching a new version of Bambuser for Windows Mobile!

First and foremost, this version adds the feature to upload complement data. This has been a very popular feature on Symbian-based phones, and we hope you will enjoy it on Windows Mobile too! It's possibly the best thing to be invented in Finland since rye bread.

Second, the new version supports high quality audio on a broader range of devices. This especially applies to phones manufactured by HTC.

Additionally, there are many small tweaks and fixes under the hood, which should give that little bit of extra performance we constantly try to squeeze out of mobile devices.

If you are new to complement uploading, let us explain: If your connection to the internet is weak when you broadcast live, pieces of the broadcast which can't be sent immediately are stored on your phone, keeping your latency low. When uploading this data afterwards, our servers get to business and start putting together all the pieces to improve your archived broadcast, giving on-demand viewers a smoother experience regardless of how slow and choppy your data connection was.

I can reveal that there is more coming for the Windows Mobile client in the future. Lots of top secret stuff that we (programmers at Bambuser) spend day and night working on, surviving only on the hope that we may one day venture outside the office again.

We are thankful for all feedback we get about existing or wanted features and have everything stored. We consider all suggestions when we decide what to work on.