Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bambuser signs finnish public service YLE

We are very proud to have secured YLE as Bambuser’s first major commercial partner in 2010 and are encouraged that such a credible company has identified new future social media trends and a completely new way of using a mobile phone. YLE has seen the potential benefits and opportunities with Bambuser’s unprecedented low latency and quality and we are convinced this agreement will inspire other media companies to use the service.

Tuija Aalto, Head of New Media Development at YLE said: "YLE wants to connect with its audiences in new ways. Broadcast journalists no longer have the monopoly in spreading news fast. Learning about real time web and mobile video streaming with Bambuser is one way of implementing our social media strategy. During the pilot test several teams of journalists will be testing mobile video streaming as a way to document everyday work life as well as a new way to report stories. We think it is important that we know how to use the tools that are available to consumers. In that way we my also understand how people might best share their videos and stories with us and the rest of the world"

Testimonial video by Tuija Aalto is available to view here