Friday, 24 September 2010

Private sharing is here!

We're finally ready to launch a first version of this feature that countless of our great users have requested. The sharing concept is based on your Facebook friends lists and as of today, users that have connected their Bambuser accounts to Facebook will be able to share private broadcasts to selected friends. It works like this:

When you start a private broadcast, the Bambuser application will fetch available friend lists from your Facebook profile.
When you chose "share" and then "Facebook" the Bambuser app will show a list of friend lists you can share to. Simply click on one or more friend lists that you'd like to give access to your broadcast.
Your friends will be asked to confirm their identity to start watching (this only needs to be done once).

The rationale for using Facebook is that many have their friends listed there already, which lowers the barrier of sharing, compared to if you had to ask all your friends to create a Bambuser account first. If you don't use Facebook, hang in there. It's likely that we add support for sharing between Bambuser accounts as well down the road.

So off you go now and stream birthdays, confirmations, holidays, weddings or even love songs to your special one(s) :-)