Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Egypt page: Taking citizen journalism one step further

As Egypt comes alive online, we are pleased to introduce of a new page on the site. Dedicated solely to protests across the globe, it will give the voice back to the people, allowing them to share their stories with the rest of the world, without prejudice or agenda, part of the beauty of live streaming. Importantly, it also supplies a social platform that grants the rest of the world the opportunity to exhibit their support. By simply using the hashtag #egypt, supporting videos will appear on the protest landing page, and ensure the voice of the Egyptian protesters and their supporters isn't lost despite internet crackdowns.

We decided to create the page following the banning of our service in Egypt last week. We saw a number of videos appear on Bambuser of people demonstrating in their honour from a number of places outside the country, and we wanted to showcase our support for freedom of speech and peaceful protest, even with the service blocked.

The new page is the latest step in our continued mission to allow users to share what is important to them, as it happens, with followers around the globe. We will not waver in our mission to allow people to share what matters most to them, and to broadcast momentous events as they happen.

You can access the page at