Friday, 19 August 2011

Live broadcasting is all about sharing your story instantly

The way news is being reported has changed tremendously over the past few years! Today's news are immediate, digital and social.

As we noticed throughout the Arab up-rise and during last week's rioting and looting in London and Manchester, record numbers of people are instantly broadcasting events onto the web. Gone are the days when, in order to go live, you needed huge technical knowledge, specialized TV broadcast trucks, satellite dishes and high costs. A new generation of professional and citizen broadcasters are on the streets and getting their stories out live, equipped with little more than Bambuser, a smartphone and access to a 3G or WiFi network.

During the last months, we've been busy developing enhanced apps that makes broadcasting even easier for Bambuser users. We won't bore you with the detailed description of what we've been up to - the important take is that Bambuser now allows you to broadcast higher quality video and audio on modern phones without needing more bandwidth. You'll find the improvements obvious when using the latest smartphones - iPhones as well as a growing list of Android models.

We've also been busy expanding the range of devices you can use. Bambuser can now be used on over 320 smartphone models as well as a wide range of web-cameras and DV-cameras.

But it's not just about getting bigger - live broadcasting is all about getting your stories out instantly. We're thrilled to see that everyone, from TV networks to the general public, are finding new ways of using our service.

It's apparent that the modern mobile phone is changing the nature of broadcasting and will continue to do so.