Monday, 10 October 2011

Updates and public API

We want you to enjoy our product as much as possible. Recently, we have taken small but important steps to improve our service further - this time with focus on apps and integration.

Update for the iOS app

Our iOS app update is now available on the App Store and includes improvements for iOS5. This update also adds support for sharing broadcasts via e-mail.

Additionally, we have added a notification badge to remind you of any unsent data. Uploading unsent complement data will improve the quality of your stored broadcasts, especially if there were connection problems during a live broadcast.

App for Nokia N9

We are happy to announce that we, already at the launch of the Nokia N9, can offer a brand new Bambuser app for it. The app is available now on the Ovi store and produces great video quality and frame rate on the N9, even surpassing the quality of the predecessor N900.

Premium solutions

If you need a player free from advertisements, with the opportunity to include your own ads and messaging, or if you want to access extended statistics about your viewers and broadcasts or need to customize your player, check out our Premium solutions - starting at 99 € per month.

Public API for developers

We recently made our APIs more accessible. We can now offer public documentation and easy registration for all developers that want to include parts of the Bambuser experience. Do you have a great idea on how to integrate Bambuser in your service? You can find all you need at