Monday, 18 June 2012

Hundreds of millions eyeballs, courtesy of our AP partnership

Through our partnership with world leading media agency the Associated Press (AP), we can offer Bambuser users an unprecedented distribution platform of their newsworthy content. This is an opt-in that is designed to give the Bambuser broadcaster full credit for the content whenever it's re-broadcasted by any of AP's clients.

This week, one of our broadcasters "Homslive" located in Homs, Syria aired a redoubtable broadcast of the intense shelling of the city. The user had opted in to allow AP to distribute the content and the broadcast ended up on air over 600 times across 80+ networks in five continents. The live video, captured by one man with a camera and an Internet connection, reached hundreds of millions of people across the globe – in real time, with no edits or cuts.

While tragic and and heartbreaking, the video is important for a number of reasons. It shows a raw, unedited and different side of the story. The story of how ordinary people live through a war. It also provides access to areas where no other news organizations are able to go.

As the media landscape transforms, we think there is a lot of room for innovation and change within this space. We believe that this is the time for the world to become more open, more transparent. We also believe that this is the time for You to grab the opportunity and be a part of the news. If you want access to global distribution of any newsworthy content you may capture, review our blog post about how to allow AP to redistribute your videos and to get in touch with you.

For full transparency; Bambuser is not getting paid by AP for any specific videos or per video. However we do have a commercial agreement that allow AP's request for usage to be exposed to our users. We also work closely to evaluate and develop new ways for "the people on the street" to share the news to a global audience.