Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Egypt non-profit media collective Mosireen launch crowd funding campaign to fuel citizen media initiatives

About a year ago, Jonas and Måns from the Bambuser team visited Cairo, Egypt to meet with Bambuser users and human rights activists and learn more about their every-day challenges and how they are using Bambuser to share live video from the unrest in the region.

It was a trip that provided a lot of insight and inspiration. Some of the insights even resulted in new features that eventually made it to our mobile broadcasting apps. It also brought a deeper understanding of how some of the networks on the ground are mobilizing their crowds and creating, gathering and publishing content online to provide the world with a richer understanding of the situation in Egypt.

One of these organizations is the non-profit media collective Mosireen. During the visit, the volunteers at Moisereen impressed with their skills, energy and creativity. By engaging "the people on the street" as well as making huge efforts to aggregate and publish their content online, we believe Mosireen make an important addition to traditional news and media reporting. The Mosireen workspace in Cairo is open to virtually everyone and the organization is relying on private donations to fuel their operations.

To continue their operations, they've now launched a fund raising campaign through an initiative at Indiegogo. The funds will mainly be used to support further operations and purchase of equipment.

Feel free to check it out!