Saturday, 19 January 2013

We mourn the loss of Mr Muhammad Qassem Eid al-Masalmah

Yesterday Muhammad Qassem Eid al-Masalmah was killed while covering clashes between Free Syrian Army and Assad military forces. He had travelled to the Daraa countryside, Bosor Harir as he was brutally gunned down by an Assad sniper (Warning: Graphic). His life could possibly have been saved if there had been any medical facilities in the area but Bosor Harir lacks all of that due to the ongoing conflict.

Muhammad Qassem Eid al-Masalmah was one in the first group of people in Daraa who started peaceful demonstrations to protest against the Assad regime. He became one of the first citizen journalists in Daraa and in Syria taking photos, shooting videos and doing live broadcasts. It's no understatement saying he was a crucial part of the Syrian uprise against the regime in Syria and especially in Daraa. The Syrian secret police and military had tried to eliminate him numerous times because of his work. Among activists in Daraa he was looked upon as true hero who was respected by all.

Mr Qassem Eid al-Masalmah was early a part of S.N.N. SHAAM News Network and he was essential in getting information out from Daraa about the situation there. He was broadcasting live as late as yesterday before taking to the streets in Bosor Harir.

Here's a video of him when covering clashes between Free Syrian Army and Assad forces in Daraa a few weeks ago.

A wife has lost a husband, the world has lost a very brave man fighting for democracy in Syria and an opportunity to get live footage and photos from inside Daraa, showing the brutality, killing and terror exercised by dictator Assad and his armed forces.

In his honor activists in Daraa will continue using his channels to distribute information from the governorate of Daraa.

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