Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bambuser feat. Polopoly

Bambuser and Polopoly to Add Live Video Reporting to Web Publishing Solution

Wohoo! We´re happy to announce our partnership with the great folks over at Polopoly. We are gonna work together to make it even easier to broadcast and distribute Live video with our magic tool and within the framework of the industry standard publishing system from Polopoly.

And here you have the press release;

Polopoly and Bambuser to Add Real-Time Video Reporting to Web Publishing Solution

Web Content Management vendor Polopoly, an Atex business, and live video innovators Bambuser have entered into a partnership to provide customers with a fully integrated offering. The cooperation will allow web enterprises full use of the groundbreaking live mobile broadcasting technology within the framework of the industry standard publishing system from Polopoly.

The Polopoly Content Management suite is the favourite platform for major web ventures, containing a range of cutting-edge functionality. Polopoly enables high-performance personalized services, such as local weather and search services, quick polls and user ratings of articles. Adding Bambuser extends Polopoly’s advanced community module, where user-generated content can be managed in co-ordination with other content. Polopoly is entirely based on open standards to ensure platform independence and to simplify legacy systems integration.

The core idea of Bambuser technology is to provide companies and individuals with the opportunity to communicate audiovisual broadcast live using mobile phones or web-camera as the broadcasting device. Bambuser technology allows you to communicate whatever to whomever whenever you want --live and mobile, no cables necessary.

The integration will provide a ready-made Bambuser element within the web-based Polopoly user interface, containing all the high-end publishing features required by the leading online services. Flexible meta-tagging, automatic content re-formatting and fully searchable media archives are all components that will allow clients to include live video reporting with retained stability and control.

The integration will be showcased by Atex for the international media market at the upcoming Ifra Expo in Amsterdam, October 28-30, stand 11500. A beta version of the final product will also be available for sneak preview at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, October 21-23, 2008.

For more information:

Gustaf Sahlman, CEO, Polopoly, +46 8 506 782 99, +46 70 447 8299

Peter Joseph, Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Atex, +44 1189 450 178

Måns Adler, Bambuser, +46 734 404220

About Polopoly

Polopoly is the Content Management platform of choice for business-critical websites worldwide. Polopoly is a business division of Atex, the leading provider of software solutions and services to the global media industry. The company has nearly $1 billion USD worth of software installed worldwide and supports in excess of 800 customers in more than 40 countries. For more information, visit and

About Bambuser

Bambuser service gives the user the opportunity to stream live video from a mobile phone or web-cam by using 3G or WiFi network. The simplicity of the application and the unlimited mobility gives you the opportunity to instantly share your experience with your viewers and interact through the web-to-mobile chat. Share the world, Live and Mobile with Bambuser, visit