Friday, 26 September 2008

Integration with Friendfeed, and Tumblr

Early on we added notification options for the microblogging services Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce, so that your friends on these platforms get to know when you have something to show them via Bambuser. Many of you have appreciated this and now it's time to throw a few more services into the mix.

In the last few days we added support for Friendfeed, a social network aggregator,, a node in the Laconica open source microblogging initiative and Tumblr, a short-form scrapbook-like blogging service.

On all of these platforms we post one notification for each of your broadcasts. In most cases a text-only post with the title you've set for the broadcast and a link to the video. The Friendfeed API however, allows us to post a preview thumbnail, which we do when possible. Tumblr gives us the freedom to put the video player in the post so that your visitors can watch the broadcast directly on your blog.

If you are using any of these services, try this out via your settings page and let us know what you think!