Monday, 20 October 2008

Campbell&Friends at Web2.0 Berlin

Me, Pouria and Tom are heading over to Berlin for the Web2.0 Expo together with Polopoly. While in Berlin we´re gonna meet up with the always inspiring Phil Campbell ( Phil will team up with Christian Payne (aka Documentally ) to cover all cool things that are cooking during the week. Hopefully they will get a Wi-Fi connection during the whole time at the venue.

Both guys are from England and are very active social media guys and do a lot of video and videoblogging. You can see some of their stuff over on their rezpondr sites ( and and those will be updating over the coming days - most of the live stuff will be shot and done using Bambuser!

We´re really looking forward to meet Phil and Christian in real life! Expect some great interviews, great folks and some cutting edge tech-terms you´ve never heard before!

For you all of you who are in Berlin, visit us at the Polopoly stand or catch us in the hall. If we´re nearby a bar, come have a beer with us and chat about anything you like!