Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Symbian Clients

Today we released new versions of the mobile clients for Symbian. The main new features are:
  • Much improved video quality on many S60 3rd ed phones
  • It is now Symbian Signed on S60 3rd ed, so you won't have any problems with "Certificate error" when installing it
  • GPS-based geotagging built in, without having to manually sign and install separate components
  • Network based positioning on many S60 3rd ed phones, no GPS required
  • Assorted UI details and bug fixes
  • Auto updating, so you won't have to manually fetch new versions later on (we've got a lot of new things planned for you!)
Since the earlier versions weren't Symbian Signed, the new signed version can't bring over your settings from the previous version, but later updates will work just fine.

Stay tuned for more...