Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Helping citizen journalism evolve

As many of you have probably read in the news, the recent election in Egypt has been marred with claims of violence, vote rigging and general unrest. Alongside a voice on Twitter and Facebook, users flocked in their thousands to stream their live footage on Bambuser, enabling everyone to share their side of the story, with journalists barred from covering the event on the ground. Over 10,000 live videos have been streamed over the past few days on Bambuser, capturing events in the lead up, during and post-election, a tenfold increase in daily broadcasts, with videos continuing to come in even now. One of the key visions from our founders in creating Bambuser was to support citizen journalism and the freedom of all to report, and we are proud to be enabling people all over the world with their own voice.

We very much look forward to hearing what you have to say on the issue of ‘citizen journalism’ and encourage you to debate, share your thoughts and experiences here with us.

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