Wednesday, 15 December 2010

We're live on Samsung bada!

We are constantly extending our list of supported devices and platforms.

Anyone with Samsung's first bada device, the Samsung Wave, can now use Bambuser to share experiences from their mobile phone in real time. Bambuser for bada lets you broadcast using the front or back camera, geo-tag your broadcasts and share them with your friends and favourite social networks.

Bambuser for bada is available for download in Samsung Apps and the application can be installed either directly on your phone or through Samsung Kies.

This first version of the application officially supports the Samsung Wave (S8500). Future versions will bring support for more models and features, as Samsung adds more models to the platform. The application participated in Samsung's global bada developer challenge with over 2000 other contestants and was, after a long wait, announced a device phase winner!

Feel free to share your feedback with us so we can keep on improving the Bambuser experience.