Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Eurovision Song Contest behind the scenes live!

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf is coming up and the final takes place on the 14th of May.

Put this date in your calendar and in the meantime, enjoy some exciting Bambuser live footage, including exclusives behind the scenes thanks to two partners on site:

The British online magazine Popbitch, whose reporter on site will follow the rehearsals, press conferences and behind the scenes activities closely. Popbitch will put extra focus on coverage of UK's participant Blue. Make sure you keep an extra eye on the Popbitch site on Monday as there might be an exclusive interview with Blue.

Swedish celebrity TV profile, singer and international voice coach Kishti Tomita who works with Russian star Alex Sparrow and his team. There will be videos from rehearsals and behind the scenes. Check it out at http://www.kishti.se/video/livetv.html.

Why not regularly check both channels to ensure you don't miss anything important, fun or crazy.

If you are around Düsseldorf and want to do some cool Bambuser coverage, please let us know and we'll tell the world about you.