Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Phils united to rebuild tornado-stricken town Phil Campbell

You may have heard of one Phil Campbell in your life but have you heard of all the Phil Campbells of this world reunited in one place: the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama? Phils United have one critical mission: help the tornado-stricken town in its hour of need and rebuild it!

The tornado sadly devastated the 1,000-person town on the afternoon of April 27th, taking hundreds of homes, two churches, gas stations and retail stores on its way.

Our local Phil Campbell will be hitting the road in 2 weeks time (14th of June that is), live streaming from his car on his way from Tampa to Phil Campbell. We managed to catch him today to take us through his preparations and expectations. Watch the video at Bambuser.

Having Phil involved in the initiative is a great opportunity for us to share the support of United Phil Campbell and the testimonials of inhabitants on the ground in real-time. Phil will document what they have been through and take us through how the event has affected the lives of the inhabitants and, more importantly, how they are now experiencing the re-building of their own town.

You don't need to be a Phil Campbell to help. You can show your support by giving whatever you can. To donate go to:

Remember to follow this story live on Phil Campbell's Live Channel from the 13th of June at