Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Jukka Mutanen's Kaivuriskaba

Do you remember Jukka Mutanen who drove a mini excavator through Finland? He became a Finnish hero doing so last summer and the event drove so much attention that he has now got a competition coming up called Kaivuriskaba starting on June 1st.

The competition has been arranged in 6 cities in Finland and invite participants to stay in Japanese Takeuchi mini-excavators as long as possible. The winner will get to drive it home (remember that the top speed is 4 km/h).

Now, the big question is how long the participants can stay on it. Is it a day, a week or a month? All participants are streamed with Bambuser and the audience can chat with the daredevils either live in the shopping malls or via web chat. Every competitor has an iPad, allowing them also to follow each other, making everything more exciting.

Don't waste more time, follow the hilarious Finns live at