Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Let the world know

Bambuser is to some extent about citizen journalism, free speech and democracy. It all started over a year ago with the uprising in Egypt, followed by the Arab spring movement through the Middle East to Russia, and the Occupy movement in the US and Europe. During the last year people have utilized Bambuser to broadcast real-time information from these events to the world. What takes place in Syria now is no exception.

Footage by http://bambuser.com/channel/baba-omer © 2012 BABA AMR REV EYE

As with all protests in the world where people are using Bambuser, we're trying to non-profit support as much as we can. We're often asked to help observers distribute their content to media and as many people as possible.

We have daily contact with Syrian observers who try to document the terrible things that are going on in the country. They have in an impressive way set up cells that teach broadcasting and organize live footage coming from Syria. We've been in contact with them for more than 8 months to support them with our knowledge. Massive amounts of broadcasts have been produced since the protests started but few have been paid much attention.

Over the past couple of weeks our work with Syria has intensified as the Assad forces have stepped up the attacks against the protesters. The number of videos coming out is increasing and what is good is that media and people in general have begun to understand the brutality. Our close relation with the Syrian observers has resulted in both Associated Press and Thomson Reuters distributing Bambuser live videos from Syria to media companies all over the world on a daily basis. The material has been seen on major news channels like BBC, AlJazeera, Sky News etc. We have no idea how many people that have been watching, but it is a substantial number.

http://bambuser.com/v/2344816 © http://bambuser.com/channel/smartlive1

The feedback we get from our friends in Syria is fantastic. Not only have we helped them get their message out, but they also say it means much in terms of morale for everyone in this situation. They know the world is watching, sharing and it gives them hope.

No matter where in the world it happens we will always do our best to support and help. We're a small company with very limited resources but we see this as the foundation on which the rest of Bambuser is and will be built.

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