Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Let Bambuser do the work for you

One of our missions is to provide the best live video app for mobile phones, and we are confident that we are already doing so. We are not only supporting over 360 different models and providing the lowest latency on the market, we also have another feature that is unique: Uploading unsent complement data after a broadcast in done.

When letting this technology do its job, you're improving all future on-demand viewing of your broadcast, making your memories and documentations as clear and crisp as possible. If you're notified that you have unsent complement data in your app, please upload it and let Bambuser do the work for you, it's definitely worth it!

If you are new to uploading unsent complement data, let us explain: If your connection to the internet is weak when you broadcast live, pieces of the broadcast which can't be sent immediately are stored on your phone, keeping your latency low. When uploading this data afterwards, our servers get to business and merge all the pieces to complete your archived broadcast, giving on-demand viewers a smoother experience regardless of how slow your connection was during the live broadcast.

You can also read more about stream health and unsent complement data at our help page.