Thursday, 2 February 2012

The cubs are born

During the last month, thousands of inquisitive nature lovers have gotten a bird's eye view of the hibernating brown bear Freja LIVE from her den. Brown bears are incredibly shy and secretive animals one rarely get to spot in the wild. A week ago Freja gave birth to four tiny cubs and yesterday they were spotted for the first time.

The newborn helpless cubs each weigh around 400 grams and spend their days snuggled up next to their protective mother who has wrapped herself around them to protect and keep them warm. Like newborn human babies, the cubs spend the time sleeping, feeding, and screaming. In a couple of weeks they will be bigger and will be crawling around - make sure to tune in to the bear den.

The campaign initiated by Volkswagen Sweden and creative agency DDB is a great example of how to utilize Bambuser's live video to boost engagement by reaching out with something unique at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting. The bear cam will be LIVE 24/7 until the day Freja and her cubs leave the bear den.