Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Chat update

We want to inform you about a change concerning the Bambuser chat. From now on, all Bambuser chat rooms require login by default, either using a Bambuser account or a Facebook account. We believe this will provide a more structured chat, a better overview of who's chatting with you and better moderation options.

Should you, however, prefer to have an unrestricted chat, this is still possible. Simply go to your Bambuser Dashboard and find Customize your player under settings in the right column.

The Chat and Require login to post in chat room check boxes are checked by default but you can choose to clear Require login to post in chat room and your viewers can post in the chat without logging in. You can also disable chat and comments entirely by clearing the Chat room check box.

We hope this new default login requirement and the options that come with it is something you will all benefit from.