Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kazakhstan - Another regime blocks Bambuser

Bambuser has previously been blocked by regimes in countries like Egypt, Bahrain and Syria, and now the service and web site seems to be blocked in Kazakhstan as well. We've gotten several emails from users in Kazakhstan saying they can't use the app through the mobile networks nor access the web site on the Internet, and we've seen several tweets saying the same. The last broadcast from Kazakhstan was made more than 3 months ago.

It's obvious that live video is a powerful tool in democratization processes, and it's equally obvious that regimes in non-democratic countries fear live and unedited video being broadcast directly to the rest of the world. We're sad and upset to see this happen. Discussions around Internet freedom and freedom of speech are more important now than ever. We don't know what Kazakhstan's regime fear, but we think it's important to inform about censorship. Hopefully it can lead to discussions about democracy and internet freedom not only in Kazakhstan, but in all countries where governments exercise their power to control communications.

Bambuser was founded with a fundamental valuation and goal: that all people should have the right to express their opinions and share it with whoever they like, regardless of where they are based geographically. This right is is not accepted by some countries' leaders and we have and will continue to help people in situations like this, to get their message out as well as bring up the wrongdoings of such governments and regimes.